TomTom Via 120 Portable Vehicle GPS with 4.3-inch Screen Review

TomTom Via 120 Portable Vehicle GPS with 4.3-inch Screen Review

GPS Device:
120 Portable Vehicle GPS
Rs. 7,799.00.

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On May 13, 2016
Last modified:July 4, 2017


TomTom Via 120 Portable Vehicle GPS with 4.3-inch Screen is a device to lessen your stress and take you to a safe journey. It helps easy navigation all through your direction, including proper maps and demonstrative routes. Apart from that it helps in safe and easy parking. The best thing is it can be used as a combo device, Bluetooth speakerphone and a GPS navigator.

TomTom, Via 120 GPS Device is designed with safe navigation and that too stress safe. It helps in making hands-free calls. Navigation is very simple and hassle free because of the gap device. This trendy GPS device helps and guides you throughout your destination.


TomTom, Via 120 GPS Device guides you with a 4.3 inch touch screen to guide you as a navigation device. It is a very attractive GPs device and also easily gets paired up with any Bluetooth enabled device. It can be used as a handsfree device so that any whenever there is a call while driving it doesn’t get missed. It is a very utilitarian product and should be present in your car.


TomTom Via 120 GPS Device has some specific features inbuilt within :
Hands-Free Calling- You don’t even need to cancel the call while driving you can pair it with any mobile device using Bluetooth.
2D City Maps- The maps of places in India are described by 2D Maps.
Map of India- The described Map of India.
Landmark Navigation- The navigation is described as per the landmarks.
Spoken street names- The names of the streets as per the local people.
Integrated mounting-The device can be mounted in the car.
Parking assist- It also guides you through while parking.


TomTom, Via 120 GPS Device is a high performing GPS device because of
1. Rich Maps of India
2. Full points of interests
3. Speeding Alert
4. The advanced guidance of lane
5. Speed Route Planner
6. Precautions
7. Fuel efficient routes


TomTom, Via 120 GPS Device is a value for money. This trendy navigator not only increases the look of your car interior, but works as a safety device in your car.